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A Mother's Intuition

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AJ Called Home

Posted on April 19, 2016 at 7:24 PM Comments comments (3)
For all that don't know my son AJ does not live with me because of his disabilities. Friday we were on Merrick Road and passed the high school. (The kids were going to prom.) My son looked at me and said "Mom they look so nice and they are graduating"..The girls look so pretty, I was crushed inside for him. This time of year is very difficult for me as a parent. (milestones) On another note, I received a phone call from where he lives that he wanted to talk to me. He asked me to go see "The Jungle Book" with him tomorrow. The supervisor there informed me he dialed the number by himself. Please don't take the little things for granted. Sometimes the little things are the BIG THINGS.